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Tired of Arrogant Homeschoolers

February 12, 2012

After reading and hearing many negative things, I feel it necessary to defend our public education system.  Now, I totally support school choice.  I believe that a parent provides the best education and it is the parent’s decision on how best to educate their child.  I also feel that the public school system is by no means perfect.  There are, though, many great public educators who provide an invaluable service to our children.

Perhaps this post is not so much a defense of the public school system as it is to question the arrogance of some homeschool parents who seem to believe that their way is the only way and any child taught in the public school system must be a poor, wretch devoid of any moral character at all.

I do believe that there are pros and cons to each, and it is necessary for an informed parent to make the decision.  What is not helpful, is the horrible stereotyping that some homeschool parents have about public school.  Those who believe that their way is the only way.  They post to Facebook, a mug shot of a teacher who was arrested and caption it “Why I don’t send my children to public school.”  Well, one bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch.  Unfortunately, I can say the same thing about churches.  I can post a link such as: which shows the mug shot of a youth pastor arrested for rape and then caption it “Why I won’t send my children to Sunday School”.  You see, it is very easy to stereotype.  One horrible youth pastor does not mean all youth pastors are bad, just like one bad teacher does not mean all teachers are bad.

Perhaps we should spend more time working to make a better education system, than trying to tear each other down.  If you want to homeschool your child that is great.  But if you need to send your child to public school, doesn’t it behoove all of us to see that the public school system is the best in the world?  After all, the future of our country is in our children.  I thank God for the great public school teachers that taught me.  I am blessed with a nice home, cars that I can afford, and a good paying job.  I owe all of it to God and the great education that I received in public school.

There’s is one more thing I had, that unfortunately too many kids don’t have today and that was involved parents.  The major problem in public schools is not the teachers, it is a lack of parent involvement.  There is little to no reinforcement at home and the schools can only do so much with limited time and resources.  Perhaps, before parents cast stones at the public school system, they should take a good look in the mirror and see if their own involvement in their child’s education is up to par.


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